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Writing - Sharing The Schedule

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I sort of muddle along when it comes to writing, but I have a story that has so many people waiting for it, that I thought it is better to blogentry-16404-0-23040200-1437309530_thumb.jpgshare what my thoughts are. The frustration of waiting to read the next chapter....I understand this very well.




A Healing Heart - > Read it Here


I've set it up that a chapter goes up every week. On Fridays or Saturdays.
Catch up with the new chapter.
- Talin and Dimitri find themselves in a difficult situation at dinner with Vlad.


A Haunted Love - > Read it Here


This is a new story. I'll post the new chapter on Tuesdays.
Catch up with the new chapter
- Hideki and Kazuma get used to each other....and a sizzling kiss.


I suddenly realize I've started a trend of naming my stories with "A..." what a peculiar trend. Hmm...


To all of you who read me...you're my special people, Thank You!



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Thank you for sharing your stories with us.  :)  I love 'A Healing Heart' and will have to check out your new story as well.  :)

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Thank you. I enjoyed Electric Blue very much. Will check out your new stories :)

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