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Obscure Oldie- "fascination" By The Human League



The Human League were an 80's British synthpop band, best known for their 1982 monster hit, "Don't You Want Me." They had some other, lesser-known songs, including this top 10 hit from 1983:



Man, Phil Oakley rocked the hell out of the 80's androgynous look. And this is just a song that would be fun as hell to dance to.


The thing of note about them is that the two female back-up singers/dancers were just ordinary teenaged girls that Phil found dancing at a night club, and asked him to join a band.


Any of you guys remember this now-obscure oldie?

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Loved that song. I remember being in NYC and my friend Katie playing the heck out of the Human League casette while I was visiting.


(Casettes were this plastic thingy which held recorded music on a magnetized plastic ribbon)

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This was a great song for its time.  I had a high school job at a shop that sold t-shirts to tourists in Myrtle Beach.  We kept the top 40 radio station blaring and this was one of those pick-me-up tunes that kept us going during a busy shift. 

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