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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Sometimes break ups happen between two great people who just don't happen to be great together. Sounds like that's what is happening here.
  3. Watched this really amazing documentary on Netflix last night. I’m sometimes struck by how men who have spent so much time embedded in a war zone can afterward convey this sense of utter calm and inner peace even in the face of huge life obstacles. Nayyef conveys that sensibility in interview clips in this documentary, no matter whether his post-war life is despairing or joyful. This documentary brings us an example of steadfast love between these two men through years of hardships. Although I was certainly aware of the taboo and dangers of homosexuality in Iraq, I didn’t realize until
  4. I signed up for an account last night. Not sure I'll be an official participant but the idea is for me to use it to get back in the practice of writing daily. I'm going to be working on a story I started a while back and want to finish up - at least get a completed first draft. My user name there is PercyWIBL.
  5. This might be a venti coffee day.

    1. mollyhousemouse


      It was a day when my coffee needed a coffee, Percy!

  6. How's the weather in Boston this week?

    1. Ron


      Hot but for late July and into August it's generally expected. Most of the state is experiencing drought conditions. More hot the rest is f the week.

  7. Le Tour de France One Hundred Three Ended today in gay Paris In Chantilly the ride began With Belgian beer and gold champagne Rolling through towns with elation All smiles and congratulations While all this fanfare is splendid Truth is this race is not quite ended The sprinters focus on a chance To take a stage this Tour de France Eight laps on the Champs-Élysées And it’s one last banner – ARRIVÉE!
  8. Thank you, AC! One more stage. It's complete but I won't see it until it's aired tonight and if I'm up to it, I'll write the last one and done.
  9. The French Alps The scene of Stage 20 Vistas abound Charming views Aplenty My poems So far have Covered team Tactics and Reported On losses, Wins, numbers And antics You rightly Would surmise That this next To last stage Did feature Another Breakaway Check the past Poems for how This turned out Here forward Shall be some Bucolic Couplets that Tout scenic Pleasures spied By this poet Lampre dance along in a power pink kit Every man on Team Astana’s quite fit For unparalleled beauty, see Vasil’s chiseled chin For heart fluttering features, Tommy’s cheeky grin I
  10. Froome first in Paris Now a foregone conclusion Unless he suffers the same fate As poor Tom Dumoulin
  11. Mounted on their bike in the start house, it's 5-4-3-2 One by one each rider rolls out every two minutes Until, from red lantern to yellow jersey, No one is left. These kilometers are the most expensive of Any team as the costs Incurred to attain optimal aerodynamics Necessarily include bespoke skin suits, low profile bikes, and testing in wind Tunnels. In little more than thirty Minutes, the shortest Ever stage of any Tour, this 21 day Race may be won or lost. Improving on his overall lead Amazingly, the man who rode out Last finishes in first.
  12. The Tour flew its colors Through the Rhone Valley Racing races within the Race On this 17th day of Riding Christopher Froome Yellow Jersey Bearer Of this sunshine shirt Boasts the shortest cumulative time Movistar Yellow Helmet Wearers Bouncing, bobbing among the bicyclists Top Team of the Race Tagged yellow too Julian Alaphilippe Red tagged Rider Most Aggressive Award Peter Sagan Green Jersey gotten By gathering points For speedy sprints At designated intervals Where the road runs flat Adam Yates White Jersey denotes the fastest Youth Though smartest may be a bette
  13. U.S. Team BMC With Australians Richie Porte and Rohan Dennis German Marcus Burghardt Italian Damiano Caruso French Amael Moinard Swiss Michael Schar Belgian Greg Van Avermaet Yanks Brent Bookwalter and Tejay van Garderen Paced the Peloton into Switzerland The home country of their team sponsor
  14. Data's driving How they're riding A stage story in numbers Miles ahead: Ninety-Nine point Four Six Summits lay in store Feet to gain in elevation? Sixteen Thousand Seven-One-One Data's driving How they're riding A stage story in numbers Rafal Majka's chasing down That storied King of Mountain crown Points to the cyclist first to summit And on the flip side dangerously plummet For 50 points Monsieur Majka toiled 2 extra points Monsieur Voeckler spoiled All day out in front he fought Now Majka reigns in polka dots Data's driving How they're riding A stage story in numbers Co
  15. An undulating road runs north from Montélimar On course are our cycling superstars Names now known from former stages Or upstages. What of the names unknown? Those numbered riders we see Loitering by the open windows Of team cars. It is their job to disengage To drop back and collect provisions Stuff their jersey cheeks with bottles Ride back up to the pack Refuel their team. It is their job to pace back a team member Who has lost time due to injury Or mechanical issue Or crash Or natural break. It is their job to nurse a sprinter Over the long climbs Of the mou
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