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July Signature Feature: Light Reaches Earth By Comicality



Comicality's Light Reaches Earth is an intriguing take on the theme "Out of This World" from the 2010 anthology. Have you read it? Well maybe this will make you want to! Did you know it's also an eBook? If you want to share your love for Comsie's story, there's a signature ad below for you to download.






Description: Riley Jordan is a teen at a group home for boys. Disturbed and confused by his newfound feelings for someone of the same sex, he continues to hide it away from anyone who might see it. But when a new transfer comes into the group home it is more of a 'visitation' than Riley was prepared for.


Ricky says... "One of the things I really enjoy about your work, all of it, is how you bring what many see as core values to light as something to constantly question. Your writing stirs us from our complacency. Very much the way Richard Bach does in Illusions and of course Peck in the Road Less Traveled, but you do it in a much more, true to life example to bring about the application of comparison."


An Amazon Customer says... "An absolute gem! Just love Comicality's writing style. Read the entire story in one sitting and had tears in my eyes at the ending. Thank you!"


Rob says... "Very intriguing story that not only involves your emotions but also causes you to question some of your own beliefs. A captivating read that will keep you glued to the screen to the very end."


Rick Gaz says... "Another great hit-to-be from Comicality. Lots of thought went it to it and it makes you think....do YOU believe? I certainly do. Happy tears at the end, something Comicality does best."


Matt M says... "I was greatly moved by this story and I would just like to express my deepest gratitude for your phenomenal writing. The story is just beautiful on many levels, especially towards the end.
Thank you so much for this compelling and gripping story; it really gave me a brilliant time =)"


Comsie Light Reaches Earth Signature.jpg




Remember to check back on Wednesday to see what excerpt Comsie chose to share with readers!

Want to show your support and enjoyment of Comsie's story? Download the banner above for your site signature!

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I just love Comsie's stories. The very reason I am here on GA. His stories pulled me here to became one along with him. I might not be best writer, but I am glad/happy that I am(as an author) where he writes his stories and along with the more best writers.





I'd be waiting for what he will share... :)

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Thanks, you guys!!! I completely forgot that July was my month to be featured! Hehehe! I appreciate the support! And thanks to GA for keeping me and my site alive through the years! There's SO much talent here! :)

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