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June Signature Feature: Spirit of Fire by Stellar



For some June is a month where it heats up, others it's a month of change... so this story is perfect! Then again, those are just a few tidbits on the surface, and if you've ever read a novel by Stellar, you know there's so much more underneath. Why not sink into this LONG story posted a few years ago?

Stellar Spirit of Fire Lg.jpg

Length: 196,536

Description: With a life that is almost painfully normal and unremarkable, 16 year old Torsten has no reason to believe in anything out of the ordinary. Then, a series of cryptic events throws him beyond the boring familiarity that he knows, into the mystery and magic of reality unmasked.

A Reader Said: I have been eagerly following this story from the start, waiting for a new chapter to be uploaded as soon as I read the one just uploaded.

The plot, characters, lore and writing are delightfully stellar (pun intended). This story just left me feeling the void left behind, like those you get after reading a fantastic book.

This is an absolute must read for fans of the fantasy genre. ~Avaloch


If you want to spread the word about Stellar's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature!

Stellar Spirit of Fire Md.jpg

Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!

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I read this a few years ago, after I was caught up on his Aspects of Dawn series (which is one of the best space sci-fi sagas I have read).  I'm enjoying the reread. Even if you're not a huge fan of fantasy, any story with writing like this should be devoured!

Mr Crawley did enjoy cigarettes, an imported brand being the preference. He smoked prodigiously and was a man of many vices and attachments. An aficionado of trenchcoats. A connoisseur of fedoras. A lover of single-malt, though on occasion an aged bourbon was acceptable. A driver of Cadillacs. Big on cynicism, wearing sunglasses when not required, pork sandwiches and connecting the occult to the mundane. Not a fan of alimony, his first ex-wife, his second ex-wife, alligators, reptiles in general and heights. Of medium verticality, average rotundity, erratic profundity and questionable morality, he had dark hair, appreciable cheekbones and a natural grimace that would scare small children. Private investigator by trade, Crawley was every bit the hardboiled, noir fool he imagined himself, catapulted from 80 years ago into present day. Yet, no longer a PI, because, well, it was Agent Crawley once more, was it not?

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