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  1. Northern Dutch Guy

    Chapter 69

    Good to see the ‘widow(s)’ are back in the story. 😉. They are always in for a new surprise. let me guess we have not seen yet the last of them... Thank you for the chapter.😀
  2. Northern Dutch Guy

    Chapter 64

    Mark, funny chapter. And thanks being back and posting chapters again.😊 The situation during dinner, at the end of the chapter, I liked it, for I guess almost everyone there, at that table, did some stupid things in the past, that were not made public, as in being shamed in front of all of the family and friends. Now a lot of main characters are focussed on trivial stuff again, I guess they are vulnerable again for the next attack by the black widow😝. Mark, I guess we have to fasten the seatbelts again ? have fun writing, hugs ND.
  3. Started reading this story recently.I like the setting of the chapters. Josh is evolving and growing and sort of every chapter is a next phase or step with new found friends. You have to understand I’m not a native English speaking guy so .... I might be wrong. but I think there are some funny typo’s... The one that made me really smile is almost at the end of the chapter... Josh felt his abdomen drenched in hot seaman as Dick’s member throbbed... Thanks for the story. AndyG

  5. Happy Birthday, NDG!! 

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  6. Northern Dutch Guy


    Just finished reading the story and I liked it.
  7. I like it when good older stories are brought up for there is so much to read here and older stories seldom get the attention they are worthy off. Thanks for bringing it here.
  8. Northern Dutch Guy

    Chapter 17

    I guess for Granger it was not too difficult a decission to give back those ships as they had little value. Also it may al give him some credit wih the Russians a bit later. And I guess Weston must also have realised the state of 'his' ship and have feered a gale on the North sea in this price ship. Mark Thanks for the nice chapter. Love the Bridgemont series. ND
  9. They are very different from Mark's other stories. For they are short. 😉 . Absolutely beautifull short stories. Gems in my POV. A must read... ahh yes again in my POV. Written in a setting and time that is so different for gays nowadays. Both stories made my hearth cry for the main characters and I was touched by their compassion deeply.🤗 Mark thanks, ND
  10. Ahh it was nice that the Granger family line turned up in the Black Widow/CAP series. I guess that leaves Mark a lot more years for writing the Bridgemont series ... for the CAP series are (unless Mark starts delaying the story) catching up with the time/days we live in... real soon.
  11. Northern Dutch Guy

    Chapter 16

    Mark thanks for another part of this story. I love the historical setting of this book and of the whole series. When reading the Bridgemont series I often search for items/places that you write about and read and learn some more about those and this chapter was no exception. And the way you write often brings a happy smile on my face. Thanks ND
  12. Northern Dutch Guy

    Chapter 42

    Me too... Ehhhmmm no I mean ... no not ME TOO in that way ! The shopping scene was hilarious and I was LMAO and and then you beautifully skipped via the flower scene to the roller-coaster emotions of the graveyard scene . Andy
  13. Northern Dutch Guy

    Chapter 40

    Loved this chapter. Good pace of writing and loved the verbal and non verbal interactions. Had some laughs about the way you describe things. When he went all bossy and possessive like that, it raised my heckles like nothing else, a surefire way to go against it immediately. ... When I met Sandro, it had been like that too, but different. He’d been possessive but never bossy. Jealous, yes. Very. Somewhat honest but not always, but he was honest where it counted. Strong as a bull, built like a brick shithouse and tall though not as tall as Kit. I'm sure
  14. Northern Dutch Guy

    Chapter 39

    OMG ... You FORGOT !!!!! You must be joking ! Yes please, if you could humour me... phhlease finish this
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