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Weekly Wrap Up (August 14 - August 20)

Renee Stevens


Okay, it has been a very busy week, so I'm not going to dawdle too long. However, we also have some info we'd like to share with you. First off, if you are a site author, then please check out the author forum "Anthology Private Discussion" as there are a couple of things in there that require you're attention.


Also, as a reminder, we’re always looking for Premium content, and you don’t need to write a novel to have one of your stories included! Do you have an anthology story that went awry or missed the deadline? An idea that just doesn’t quite fit the theme? We’re asking for authors to consider writing a short story, of any genre, 2,000 to 20,000+ words. They must fit within our site’s guidelines and have at least a basic edit. Cia is willing to work with authors who need their stories proofed to ensure they are Premium quality. When? As soon as possible! Or anytime, really. We can never have too many stories.


What do authors get? Great stuff!! Premium membership and Amazon Gift Cards will be provided based on the story length if it fits within the above-stated guidelines.


2,000 to 5,000 words = 3 months Premium membership AND $5 Amazon Gift Card

5,000 to 15,000 words = 6 months Premium membership AND $15 Amazon Gift Card

15,000 to 20,000+* words = 12 months Premium membership AND $25 Amazon Gift Card

*Content above 20k will be offered additional site benefits such as ad space, site features, or eBook services


August Signature Feature: Reece's Choice By Renee Stevens


We started out the week with the Signature Feature, and this time it was my turn! Cia created a great banner for my story Reece's Choice, which you can download, and shared some of other readers' thoughts.


August Signature Excerpt: Reece's Choice By Renee Stevens


If you enjoyed hearing about Reece's Choice on Monday, then you were in for a treat on Wednesday. Cia shared an excerpt that I picked, and it's a great excerpt if I do say so myself. Hopefully it made you really want to read the story!


Writing Prompts #524 & #525


For our Friday post, we had a couple of new prompts for you to take a look at. Hopefully one of them will spark and idea, but if it does, don't forget to share it in the Writing Prompts forum so that you might be featured next week, just like the responses to prompt #522 was this week.


Anthology Discussion Day - August 2016


Normally we'd finish out the week with the prompts, but this week it was time for another Anthology Discussion day. Are you curious if your favorite author has a plan? Maybe you want to know if they've started writing? Or maybe you're planning to participate in the fall anthology and would like to share your thoughts. Regardless of the reason, you should check this post out.


Anthology Announcements:


***NOTE: All Deadlines are for submission to the Anthology Proof Team

  • 2016 Fall Anthology: Blindsided / The Forgotten - Due October 28, 2016
  • All Pre-2016 Anthology Themes - Due December 14, 2016

Premium Updates:


by dkstories; Book 2 of
Dreams of Humanity


by M.A. Church; Book 2 of
The Harvest


Signature Updates:


by CarlHoliday


by Cynus


by Graeme; Book 3 of
The Lilydale Leopards


by Bill W


by Cia


by Comicality


by Comicality; Book 9 of
The Secret Life Of Billy Chase


Promising Updates:


by AC Benus


by craftingmom


by albertnothlit


by Headstall


by AC Benus; Book 4 of


by Thorn Wilde


Don't forget.... Read, Write, and Review!

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