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August Signature Excerpt: Reece's Choice By Renee Stevens



Monday we featured Renee Steven's story, Reece's Choice, with a few of her favorite reviews. There's also a signature graphic you can download if you want to share your love of her story. Didn't see it? Don't worry you can still get it here.


Renee says... I chose this scene because it's honestly my favorite scene in the entire story. I've actually had the spider thing happen to me, except I didn't have anyone else there at the time. I love putting some of my personal experiences into stories, and this was on that I was just waiting to use and I loved the way it turned out.


The ringing of my phone jerked me awake, and I glanced at my alarm clock as I reached for it. The time glaring at me in bright red numbers made me bolt upright in bed, momentarily forgetting about Dave lying next to me. I was supposed to have been at work over an hour ago.


“Shit!” A glance at the display on my phone confirmed my suspicion it was work calling me. I hit the button to answer it and mentally crossed my fingers that it wasn’t Marc on the other end. “Hello?”


“Hi Reece, this is Becky from work.”


“Hi Becky.” I breathed a sigh of relief. Becky was less likely to rip into me like Marc would have. Marc didn’t like me and I had no clue why.


“I was just wondering if you were coming in today. The schedule says your shift was supposed to start at five.”
Despite the friendly tone, I knew she wasn’t asking. She wanted to know what time I would be there. I padded out of the bedroom and into the bathroom to keep from disturbing Dave any more than I already had.


“Yeah, I’m really sorry. My alarm didn’t go off.” It wasn’t a lie, I just didn’t want to admit the reason it hadn’t gone off was because I had forgotten to turn it on. “I should be there within an hour.”


“Sounds good, we’ll see you soon then.”


I didn’t have to say anything else as the phone disconnected. I sighed as I relieved myself. I hadn’t been so much as late before, but
I had little doubt I would end up with a write-up or at least a written warning. At least they had called; otherwise I would have ended up being a no-call no-show which would have been an instant write-up and halfway to being out of a job.


Despite already being late, I desperately needed a shower. I turned the water on and adjusted the temperature before laying a towel on the bathroom sink and climbing in. The hot water caressed my skin, but I didn’t have time to enjoy it like I normally did. I was late enough as it was.


I made quick work of scrubbing my body and washing my hair and by the time I shut the water off, I was sure I had just taken one of the quickest showers in history. I reached out and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist as I stepped out onto the bathmat and moved to stand in front of the sink and started to brush my teeth.


A tickling feeling against my stomach made me look down and I yelped as the biggest spider I’d ever seen crawled off the towel and onto me. It was huge and black, the body alone had to be as big as a quarter and I wasn’t even counting the legs. I smacked it off me, knocking the towel off in the process and rushed out of the bathroom. In my hurry to escape the creepy crawly I wasn’t paying attention and slammed into a naked chest.


Want to read more? Check it out here!

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This is one of my favorite scenes from the story, too. I can totally relate as I had something similar happen to me once... :unsure:  It is the reason towels now get thoroughly checked for creepy crawlies before each use. lol 

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I read this scene last night... loved/hated it... I hate spiders on me, and I could feel the damn thing as I read. It was a great scene and what followed was sweet... wait... is that a spoiler? Nah... good choice, Renee... I'm up to chapter 5 now... :)

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LOL. Yeah, I've had the spider thing happen, SO not fun! Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and I'm glad that you've enjoyed Reece's Choice!!!

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So, I began reading Reece's Choice last night, and I love it!!! :D Although, I can't stand "Aunt" Leslie or Reece's parents for that matter. :thumbdown: Maybe they'll come around at the end of the story. :)

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