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If it ain't Baroque...



You didn't really think I was actually going to make such a horrible pun, did you?


I'm really blogging way too much lately. Maybe I'm becoming something of an egotist. Anyway, last night I went to this party, and I think there were probably a good 40 people crammed into this apartment, and most of them I'd never seen before in my life. Most of them the girl that I knew who lived there had never seen before in her life. A lot of them were these frat guy types, who I have to say are not my favorite species. However, my favorite drunken philosopher was there, so at some point around 4 am when we were all way past gone, a nice debate on religion broke out after the guy (who'd gone to Catholic school and therefore considered himself an expert on the subject) started critiquing Passion of the Christ. I'm also pretty sure that at some point he was trying to explain to someone else the difference between Renaissance and Baroque art, which I have to admit I know diddly squat about, so he could have been making it all up. The frat guys were running around "whoo"-ing and falling down, and we moved on to discussing politics. I think we got on the subject of politics when at one point this life-sized cardboard cutout of Bush came flying down the stairs, and we all stopped and just stared at it a moment, then someone stuck it up next to this guy who'd been passed out in his chair for about 3 hours. Of course when it fell over again there were all the requisite "ha ha, Bush is drunk" jokes. Um..what else. At some point this guy who I don't know but had seen once before at another party sat on my lap (and I was way too freaked to be interested) and started trying to convince me to play beer pong. Instead of trying to save me, my boyfriend just laughed. That's all I really remember, except that afterward the bf and I went to breakfast and they had a buffet, which was not bad, except I got into an argument with him when he tried to eat corned beef hash and I put my foot down.


Also, I managed not to steal the numbers off anyone's door. :thumbdown:


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Val...life is never dull in Pittsburgh.


I roared at the number stealing and he stole Zero....about the number of brain cells he probably had..woo hoo I stole Zero...oh brother....you should have come out in blue hair and smurfed kick his butt.....and grab the zero and ran.....


corned beef..not my favorite....what happened to green eggs and ham? After all it was St. Paddy's Day..oh wait, that's the book....Spam I am..or something like that...


I know..you can slap me for dumb comments.....Ok, I slapped myself...


Your BF is a hoot.....very there for you and shaking his head and close by just in case the frat boys got out of hand.they seemed harmless enough.....just give em another beer....and GW, the ultimate dumb @#s frat boy...


Oh well....at least you had fun...the Catholic boy reminds me of the SNL skit with the Drunk Girl...that one is so hilarous...


well, sounds like you had some fun...that's all that matters....


if you decide to go to law school..wait till you go to those parties.....you ain't seen nothing yet till you experience a few of those...that's all i am saying...and beyond that I plead the 5th..and probably drank it too...I know another bad joke..


Ok, I am slowly backing away and departing....



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LOL Val, baroque, I love it!


You at a party with a bunch of frat guys :lmao: , I pray we don't see you on a 'Girls gone wild' video :blink:



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You at a party with a bunch of frat guys :lmao: , I pray we don't see you on a 'Girls gone wild' video :blink:



Hmmm, I didn't know you watched those, Vic :huh:


LOL it does sound like a fun party, Val :D


Nice job not stealing anyone's address :funny:

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