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I hate people



The idiot kids who live across the hall from me are having some loud, drunken party. I was okay with this, for now, cause I stay up pretty late anyway. Then I heard sort of a scratching sound coming from my door, and went and looked out the peephole. There were like 8 people standing right outside my door and one of them was stealing one of the numbers off the door! (they're stickers) Then he yells really loudly (for me? just cause he was drunk and being loud?) "I've got the 0 in my wallet!" and they all go stampeding down the stairs. So...I hate people. Just thought I'd share.




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I had a neighbor that, after having that 'one drink too many', would stand on her deck and play her trumpet. Now she played very well, but there are only so many times you can enjoy 'Dixie' at 2am. :wacko:



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