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feeling chattty...



First off, I started my entry for the spring anthology and I'm super excited already! :2thumbs: The only down side is... I don't want FBTE to get left behind. I'm going to try my very hardest to get them both worked on... Have no fear!


So I was chatty with Rich today while he was at work... :wub:


Rich: whats fer lunch?

Viv: whatchya wantin'?

Rich: something warm

Rich: or maybe even...

Rich: hot

Viv: awwwwwww, you say the sweetest things honey

Rich: thats me, mr say the sweetest things

Viv: so sweet thang sayer :P

Viv: what do you want?

Rich: i dont know...what do we got?

Viv: we got... to meet somewhere i think

Rich: wanna come get me then?

Viv: sure thing love

Viv: when will you be ready for me to pick you up?

Rich: you can pick me up any time :D

Viv: beautiful dawn, lights up the shore for me, there's nothing else in the world i'd rather wake up and see

Rich: ?

Rich: whos dawn?

Viv: :huh:

Rich: beautiful vivian, lights up the shore for me, there's nothing else in the world i'd rather wake up and see

Rich: much better

Viv: okay earning your title then?

Rich: i wear it proudly

Viv: will you be my shoulder when i'm gray and older? promise me tomorrow starts with you

Rich: tomorrow starts with "t"

Rich: unless of course you wake up to youmorrow

Viv: oooh, there's choices?!!

Rich: i guess so

Rich: depends on who's dictionary you are using


Thanks to James Blunt and his songs and to Davey for giving me the whole album :wub:


Tony was chatty with me and showed me this... it's pretty cool



























PS. Darlin' get well like... RIGHT NOW! :wub:


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Hey Viv :D


I'm excited to hear that you're working on something for the Spring Anthology, and REALLY excited to hear that we don't need to worry about From Behind Those Eyes getting left behind :D:2thumbs:


LOL that was a sweet conversation! :wub: ....I want one! :angry: *sigh* I'll get one eventually ;)


Anyway take care and have an awesome day! :D


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If you like James Blunt, you'll love Jack Johnson's 'In Between Dreams'. It's a wicked album. :)


Camy B)

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