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Big & Tall Blues

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XXL does not equal 2XLT.


XXL means short and fat.


2XLT means large, tall and amazing. 


XXL is big and wide. Sorta like a circus tent. It does not fit well. It fits like a tarp. It often exposes the innocent public to the dreaded plumber's crack.


2XLT is a large size but it's long for tall people. Not short for W  I  D  E people. 


Insist on 2XLT on all of your internet dating and orders for large, tall and amazing.


It shows off my six pack abs and pecs best. 



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And XXL and 2XLT run about $30 a pop... Slightly less than the XXXL that I get, at $35 - $45.

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at 6.6 and 280 (and no it not muscle) i find it hard to find any xxlt and if i find a xxl it will usualy show the bottom of my belly


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