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dèanamh na tha math dhomh fhìn

Fae Briona


Finally switching out some light fixtures in my loft, which means once that is done I can start to repaint, replacing the hideous colors that were there when I moved in. So this afternoon I cranked up the music (hopefully not enough to bother the neighbors), started some prep-work, and did a couple of test patches.  I'm a twisted individual who actually finds painting a room to be relaxing; and though some may have found my song choices to be a an odd choice for relief from grief, the music and work was calming. Some of the songs I listened to, if you want a glimpse of my current head-space:


    Candi Stanton: He Called Me Baby

    One eskimO: Kandi

    George Michael: A Different Corner; Waiting For That Day / You Can't Always Get What You Want

    Moby: When It's Cold I'd Like to Die [lyrics are depressing, but letting the melody wash over you is odly comforting; he's also called it one of the best songs he's ever written]

    Jimmy Sommrville: For a Friend [this one did make me cry, but in a way that was releasing; a goodbye through music]

    Rebecca Ferguson: Nothing's Real but Love; Teach Me How to be Loved

    Sophie B. Hawkins:  Did We Not Choose Each Other


I should have done this earlier; I'll need to do it again.

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