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Prompt 810 and Prompt 811



Well, January is flying by and we've made it to another Friday. That means new prompts!

Prompt 810 - Creative

Tag - List of Words

Use the following words in a story - a blanket, a stuffed toy, a pair of shorts, a glass of water, and a sudden storm.

Prompt 811 - Creative

Tag - Choices

With every wish comes a choice and with every decision the fear of what if. Unfortunately, in just three days you've been given three choices and no easy way to decide. Your job just offered you the opportunity of a lifetime, only you'd have less than a week and would be moving nearly around the world to do the one thing you've dreamed of your whole life. Before you could even begin to think about that, your lover of three years has proposed and wants you to move with him halfway across the country. Shocked and wanting guidance, you head home only to be offered the chance to take over the family business and learn everything from your grandfather before he succumbs to cancer. What do you choose and why?

So those are the prompts for this week. Does either appeal to you? If so write then add it to the prompt forum. "Til next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like.

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