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August CSR Feature: Fairyfly by ObicanDecko



Happy Halloween month! This is a month for fun of the paranormal type. Magic. Were-creatures. Myths. Fantasy. Ghosts. Or whatever else tickles your ghoulish fancy. I'm going with a story by ObicanDecko for the CSR feature, Fairyfly. This is an older story, so you might not have read it or you might be due for a reread. Enjoy!!


by @ObicanDecko

Length: 65,659

Description: Young Esthor is the best sorcerer in all the kingdom and beyond. When King Norius calls upon him to save his eldest daughter, Esthor resorts to drastic measures that will have some people fighting to get his head, and others vying to win his heart.

A Reader said:  I think you had as much fun writing this as we had rereading it. I hope you think to follow these characters forward to a new series. Best Wishes to you. Don ~Damack1957


Don't forget to come back to share your thoughts on Monday, October 26th!

As some extra reading fun this month, share your favorite stories on GA that fit this month's theme in a comment below! 

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Wow thank you so much for featuring my story! ^_^ Fairyfly is probably my favorite story that I've ever written, and I still often think about its characters and what I could do for a sequel (which is definitely coming at some point). I hope whoever gives it a chance enjoys it! 

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