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Pippin - Word of the Day - Mon Oct 12, 2020




Pippin - (noun) - 1: a crisp tart apple used especially for cooking; 2: a highly admired or very admirable person or thing

tiere bis unters dach goat GIF by SWR Kindernetzhalloween pumpkin GIF


It's apple season here in New York and time to grab your pippins to make your apple pie before a crazy goat can get them.


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Pippin Took was the nickname of a hobbit named "Peregrin Took."  He was commonly called Pippin.  The name Pippin also has many variations in spelling.

Wikipedia gives several "Pippin" references.  Many of them are found here ---   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pippin

and there is also a disambiguation page for Pippin at   ---   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pippin

One of the things I noticed on the disambiguation page for "Pippin" was that Apple Pippin is a totally different meaning than pippin apples.

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