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Shibboleth - Word of the Day - Sat Oct 17, 2020




Shibboleth - (noun) - 1: Catchword, slogan; 2: a widely held belief or truism; 3: a custom or usage regarded as distinctive of a particular group

the x files remix GIF


For anyone that was an active fan of The X-Files, you certainly have the shibboleth of "The Truth is Out There".


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shibboleth | Origin and meaning of shibboleth by Online ...

shibboleth (n.) late 14c., the Hebrew word shibboleth, meaning "flood, stream," also "ear of corn;" in Judges xii.4-6.It was the password used by the Gileadites to distinguish their own men from fleeing Ephraimites, because Ephraimites could not pronounce the -sh-sound. Hence the figurative sense of "watchword" (first recorded 1630s), which evolved by 1862 to "outmoded slogan still adhered to."
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