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Praise be to the Spellcheck



Praise be to the spellcheck, for without thee I would be utterly lost. Lead me not into deceptive synonyms, lest thou reveal thine servant's inadequacies to his readers. Hallowed be the holy their, they're, and there, and may we forever remember where their holy presence should be placed within thine sentences. Reveal to me the differences between to and too, for I confess oh spellcheck the extra o still plagues your humble servant so. Forgive me my grammatical transgressions, and reveal to me the squiggly red and green snakes laying in wait at my feet. 

In the name of the Subject and the Predicate



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"In then the name of the Subject and the Predicate" ?

Edited by Marty
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1 minute ago, Marty said:

"In then the name of the Subject and the Predicate" ?


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3 minutes ago, Demented said:


No matter. It made me laugh as it was, and still makes me laugh as it now is. :yes:

(I deliberately didn't comment on the omission of an asterisk when you typed the word servants in the second sentence... ;)

(~ Marty ~ The now, and future, pedant.)

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  • Site Administrator

I use spellcheck, MS Editor, and Grammarly and @Cia still hits me on who/that.  (among other issues)


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Your humble servant comes before you with a confession, oh Spellcheck. When your holy presence asks me if I would like to add a new word to thine hallowed dictionary, it is not because I have divined a new word for thine enjoyment. Nay, instead the very act of spelling has strayed so far from your holy presence that it boarders on blasphemy! Your wayward servant strayed so far from your path that not even your holy gaze can glean the intended word, much to my shame. I further confess that I do not mystically divine the true spelling on my own. Nay, I flee to the realms of google to seek council rather than shame myself further in your eyes. 

Your humble servant asks for your forgiveness.


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