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MageCrafter and other Plans



I am really loving the reception that MageCrafter has received on this site. It is something of a passion project of mine and I appreciate that people seem to be really enjoying it in the comments and with their various upvotes. This will be my first work of original fiction so I'm glad that the planning I've done on it is paying off. I do not plan for MageCrafter to run forever. I have a plan laid out and it seems to be paying some pretty great dividends if the audience responses are any indicator. More to come on that front soon. 

I'm also toying with posting another story as well. This one will be different than MageCrafter, though it will also have fantasy elements. This one will take place in an alternate world that is more akin to a modern day setting. Names of places and cities will be different, but the overall feel will be more modern day. It'll also have more of a tongue and cheek, comedic bent to it. 

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I'm glad to hear that you're getting a good reception to your story. :)

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