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2021 Anthology #1 - Themes and Deadlines

Renee Stevens


So, this isn't going to be the full announcement for the 1st anthology of the year, but I did want to announce the themes and the deadline.  A more in depth announcement will occur after the current anthology is finished posting.  One thing I want to point out, for 2021 there will be two main themes per anthology and a pot luck. The pot luck includes MANY theme options for if you don't like the main theme options. The number of themes used this upcoming year will help determine the number of pot luck themes (if any) that will be picked for the 2022 themes.  There will be some minor changes in the submission procedures to accomodate the pot luck themes, but they will be announced in a more in depth post later, as you won't need to know them to begin your stories.

Anthology #1 - Due: April 1, 2021

Top Theme #1: On the Road

Top Theme #2: Forbidden

Potluck Themes:

  • But Wait; There’s More
  • Through a Glass Darkly
  • Of Gods and Monsters
  • It Takes All Kinds
  • Darkness Falls
  • Boys of the Hills
  • You Wouldn’t Understand
  • On the Beach
  • Great Balls of Fire
  • Laughter, the Best Medicine
  • Ozark Rumors
  • The Tracks
  • National Park
  • The Warmest Color
  • A Visitation
  • New Moon
  • Turn Back Time
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Jump Ship
  • King of Eighteen
  • Up!


Submission Date: April 1, 2021

Please Note: Submission date is for submission to the Anthology Proof Team. Proofreads should take no more than 72 hours once you have been paired with a proofreader, if you have not received your story back within 72 hours, please contact Renee Stevens via PM. If you send your stories in within the last 48 hours of the deadline, you have 48 hours after receiving it back to upload it in order for it to be included in the Anthology.


  • No Story Limit: Each story submitted must meet quality and editing guidelines and only one story can be under 1,000 words.
  • Each story posted as its own submission
  • Minimum Word Count Per Story: 1,000
  • Maximum Word Count Per Story: 25,000


  • Up to five poems
  • Posted as a single submission (a collection)
  • Each poem posted as its own chapter


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