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Refractory - Word of the Day - Sun Feb 21, 2021



I'm dedicating today's word to my dad.  I lost him six years ago today.


Refractory - (adjective) - 1: resisting control or authority: stubborn, unmanageable; 2: resistant to treatment or cure; 3: capable of enduring high temperatures

golf jump GIF  Dad never let people drive his golf cart...  I think he thought everyone drove like this...


Anybody that knew my dad knew he was legendarily refractory about a few things, but most especially being told how to do something by someone that didn't know what they were talking about.  That is why, despite being in the US Army for 5 years, he never made it past private first class; he had a habit of punching out his sergeants for telling him to do something the wrong way.

Funny part of that last story is he got busted all the way down and promoted back to PFC by the same Colonel on the same day because the job he was doing in the location they were required the rank and no one else knew how to do the job.

I also want to thank my dear friends here on the site that helped me through that year.

Miss ya dad!

image.png Dad and I when I was about 4.

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