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Poignant - Word of the Day - Mon May 31, 2021




Poignant - (adjective) - 1: painfully affecting the feelings: sharp, piercing; 2: deeply affecting: touching

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There are some really poignant stories in the Gay Authors Story Archive, that really grab a hold of you and put you on a roller coaster of emotions.

Bonus... drop a link below of a story that was poignant for you!

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Red Running Shoes by @Aditus was a real roller coaster.  Addy had lots of torches and pitchforks to dodge... :unsure:  :P  



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Posted (edited)

Memorial Day is a poignant reminder to those whose loved ones have died and are missed.

No bonus for me but it is a nice word choice for the day!

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42 minutes ago, Valkyrie said:

  Addy had lots of torches and pitchforks to dodge...


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It's a premium story but Andrew Q. Gordon's Purpose fits the description...it takes a while though.


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