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OK, today was...interesting.


First, my parents found a thing I had written a little while back about depression and suicide--lets just say it was vivid. Apparently, my dad found it and faxed it to my mom, and they both came down early because they were worried. Long story short--they had an "intervention." Everything went well though.


More importantly, I came out to Max today :wub::wub::wub:


Seriously, I thought I had gotten good reactions before, but his is by far the best. So he (ironically) asked me who I liked and we had a long conversation, where I wouldn't tell him, but I felt bad, because he had previously told me. So I told him that I'm gay:



[08:15:01 PM] AP Conflagrant: ok...i got sumthing to tell u...which shouldnt do anything...but i kinda have to tell u now....um....im gay :D

[08:15:22 PM] AP Conflagrant: well?

[08:15:36 PM] Max: well wut

[08:15:46 PM] AP Conflagrant: well....reaction....

[08:15:50 PM] Max: ummm

[08:15:52 PM] Max: none? lol

[08:15:56 PM] AP Conflagrant: heheh

[08:16:03 PM] Max: shud i have one? lol

[08:16:10 PM] AP Conflagrant: well i didnt no how u were g2 react, but nothing?

[08:16:14 PM] AP Conflagrant: thats a new one :D

[08:16:20 PM] Max: iono not much phases me

[08:16:27 PM] AP Conflagrant: like i no u arent homophobic and crap

[08:16:28 PM] AP Conflagrant: but like

[08:16:34 PM] AP Conflagrant: u nvr no how ppl will react

[08:16:38 PM] Max: hmm thats true


So anyway, he was really good about it, and then I was assertive and:


[08:23:48 PM] AP Conflagrant: would u wanna hear which guys i think are hot

[08:23:49 PM] AP Conflagrant: hehe

[08:23:55 PM] AP Conflagrant: it would amuse me

[08:23:57 PM] AP Conflagrant: but like

[08:24:07 PM] Max: iono sure

[08:24:09 PM] Max: i wudnt mind lol

[08:24:11 PM] AP Conflagrant: heheh

[08:24:13 PM] AP Conflagrant: ur weird :D

[08:24:17 PM] Max: interesting conversation

[08:24:18 PM] Max: vertainly

[08:24:20 PM] Max: certainlly

[08:25:00 PM] AP Conflagrant: wat this one?

[08:25:10 PM] Max: well i mean it would make interesting convo

[08:25:13 PM] Max: if you brought that up

[08:25:13 PM] AP Conflagrant: oh

[08:25:15 PM] AP Conflagrant: yea

[08:25:16 PM] AP Conflagrant: prolly

[08:25:20 PM] AP Conflagrant: dun think i wanna tho :D

[08:25:26 PM] Max: lol

[08:25:44 PM] Max: iono like .... i think its kinda .... cool

[08:25:53 PM] AP Conflagrant: wat being gay?

[08:25:55 PM] AP Conflagrant: hehe

[08:25:55 PM] Max: i mean like you like guys, girls like guys

[08:26:03 PM] Max: so its like ...

[08:26:08 PM] AP Conflagrant: yes that would make sense

[08:26:08 PM] Max: more ppl giving good advice

[08:26:13 PM] AP Conflagrant: hehehehe

[08:26:20 PM] Max: iono seems that way anyway

[08:26:25 PM] Max: that like .. the really ... guy-ish guys

[08:26:28 PM] Max: suck at it lol

[08:26:42 PM] AP Conflagrant: suck at wat?

[08:26:54 PM] Max: advice on the topic of ....

[08:27:12 PM] Max: more-than-friendly relationships


[08:34:46 PM] AP Conflagrant: i hope everyone is gay :D

[08:34:59 PM] Max: lol

[08:35:00 PM] AP Conflagrant: including u

[08:35:01 PM] AP Conflagrant: hehe

[08:35:06 PM] AP Conflagrant: i no ur not tho

[08:35:10 PM] Max: haha how u kno?

[08:35:12 PM] AP Conflagrant: well

[08:35:13 PM] AP Conflagrant: i dont

[08:35:14 PM] AP Conflagrant: r u?

[08:35:15 PM] AP Conflagrant: hehe

[08:35:20 PM] Max: i dont believe i am

[08:35:23 PM] AP Conflagrant: hahah

[08:35:35 PM] AP Conflagrant: interesting way of putting it

[08:35:36 PM] AP Conflagrant: ...

[08:35:38 PM] Max: lol

[08:35:52 PM] AP Conflagrant: have u ever had an interest in another guy?

[08:35:52 PM] AP Conflagrant: lol

[08:36:10 PM] Max: hmmm

[08:36:30 PM] Max: i think possibly, but it was like in a companionship way

[08:36:43 PM] Max: like ... we match so well its like we're fckin family

[08:36:45 PM] AP Conflagrant: sumone at school. or person i dunno

[08:36:47 PM] AP Conflagrant: hehe

[08:36:51 PM] Max: out o school

[08:37:02 PM] AP Conflagrant: mm

[08:37:03 PM] Max: we called him my lil brother tho


And then, it got even better: I asked if he wanted to hang out on thursday (we have off) and he said sure and were making plans tomorrow. I even made a joke about him being gay later in the conversation.


REALLY happy-adam


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I'm really happy that you're happy!


Non reactions are definitely the best reactions. :2thumbs:

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I'm really happy that you're happy!


Non reactions are definitely the best reactions. :2thumbs:

Couldn't have said it better myself!


Yay for happy Adam! :2thumbs:

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Now its just a matter of keeping the happy (I started my anti-depressant today)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh Good Luck and way to go! :2thumbs:

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And also, remember that medication alone isn't a cure. The best combination is medication and psycho-therapy. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has been proven to work well (and very quickly -- sometimes within 6 months) with depression issues, so ask your mom about it.


I'm starting therapy monday :D

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YAY!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!


that is awesome, i wish people were i lived we as socially open minded and excepting, but people are trying to change that. I am really glad that max is still wanting to be really good friends with you. You seem to lead a good life...


But anyway, what ever things are troubling you, i hope that therapy can help them and make them much better. I get depressed sometimes, but that is because i no one close to me knows about my being gay. So yeah. But i hope is all well.... and super congrates on coming out to max, and i agree with who ever said that no reactions are the best ones, i would have to agree. so YAY!!! again :2thumbs:


later ~ nick :read:

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