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April 22nd - Introduction Line



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Sometimes the story is outlined on paper or in our head, but how to begin?

The first sentence should engage the reader without revealing too much or boring them to death.

This time we’ll do it the other way around.

PT #41a

Pick an introductory sentence from a favorite book on your shelf at home or a story on GA and use it to start a short story or vignette.

And because it’s still April:


Choose the first line of any poem and continue to write a poem of your own.


PT #42

Did you see the Sub Genre rewrite challenge? Your goal is to rewrite a given prompt to show it instead of telling it. You can focus on the scene itself or rewrite it into a new story. Add more that comes before or after but be sure to include these paragraphs in all the glorious five senses details to bring the story alive for readers. More than one author can pick the same prompt, as we all visualize scenes differently.

Have fun!

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I like the first line challenge.  I'll have to give it a go and see what I can come up with.  I'll definitely check out the sub-genre challenge too. 

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