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Grief and Guilt

Fae Briona


One week from tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of C's death.  It's hitting me harder than normal this year -- then I start to feel guilty about morning C while I have SP by my side.  😢

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It's odd. i woke up this morning thinking about C and You.

Don't feel guilty about having loved and lost someone, it doesn't mean your love for SP is less.

We don't forget those we've lost and we never stop loving them. It's just a gentler love and there is room enough for all in our hearts.

Maybe write C a note and then write one for SP too. Two people who are very dear to you.


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Guilt is just one of so many emotions tied to the grieving process. There's no time limit on it either. 

You do whatever feels right for you and lean on those who love you. ❤️ 

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