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Fae Briona


It's been a long and crazy year.  SP just left for work; we'll stay up & have a glass of Champaign when he gets home.

Spent some time this week working on his house, but not as much as he would have liked. We have got a lot accomplished (I think).

We made Hoppin' John for supper tonight, and there's enough for lunch tomorrow (a VERY Southern US dish for New Years that, in it's most basic form, contains rice, black eyed peas, ham and/or bacon, green bell pepper, and some cayenne pepper for a bit of heat).  I'm going to attempt to make a tourtière [Quebec mixed-meat savory pie] for supper tomorrow night.  Hopefully, it turns out well. Wish me luck.

Our professional photographer should have our wedding pics done in the next few days; possibly as early as tomorrow.  But thought I'd share this one of SP and I that my brother took [hope the link works]. We make each other very happy.

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Great picture, Fae.

Yes, it has been a strange year. But even during the craziness, there's joy to be found.

As you've proven.

I wish all the best to you and SP.

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