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Thank You to Our Prompt Team!



Prompts have always been an integral part of GA and something to look forward to every Friday.  Starting with our dear Comicfan and now continuing with the Prompt Team, seeing how authors come up with different takes on the weekly prompts is always exciting.  Prompts have sparked some popular longer works and also some great short stories and character sketches.  I always look forward to seeing what my fellow Prompt Team members come up with every Friday.  So, the Admin Team is continuing our week of thanks by extending our sincere appreciation for the hard work put in by the members of GA's Prompt Team.  Please join us in thanking our OG Prompt Guru, Comicfan, and the members of our current Prompt Team:



@Cole Matthews


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As a token of our appreciation, they will receive the following badge on their profiles: 



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  • Site Administrator

I always equate the Prompt Team to giving such an outlandish prompt that it actually was right in my alley :P Amazing how their minds work :worship: 

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  • Site Administrator
4 minutes ago, Ron said:

Has anyone considered giving Comicfan (Wayne) a posthumous badge for his longtime contributions? That would be a nice gesture.

@wildone can confirm, but I believe that was something we already planned on doing. 

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