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Our Review Team has put together a list of all the Reviews they did in 2023. You can click on any of them to see the actual blog. Maybe there was one that you said you'd read, maybe one piques your interest now, or maybe one looks like it would be a foray into a different genre. No matter what the reason, here is your second chance to see the Reviews from last year.


January 9: 2022 Reviews Revisited - Timothy M.
Reader comment: Thanks, review team!

April 10: Jay's Loelife by Mrsgnomie - chris191070
Reader comment: This is a great story full of fun, adventure and good friends. I'm not the only one to think it is an awesome tale.

May 8: Silverwolf by Wayne Gray - chris191070
Reader comment: This is a great, fun, read from the mind of Wayne Gray. Enjoy!!

June 12: Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys by Laura S. Fox - spike382
Reader comment: The only problem with it is you have to be careful to not have anything in your mouth like food or drink when you're reading.

July 10: Give me back my Prompts by Sasha Distan - Aditus
Reader comment: As usual, it got me to read, react, and review a story I had not considered reading.

August 14: Inherited by Lomax61 - Parker Owens
Reader comment: It's a great thriller and adventure. I loved searching for clues to solve the mystery.

September 11: Inked and Beach Bottles by Carlos Hazday - Timothy M.
Reader comment: Thanks for paying tribute to Carlos with these two reviews. He'd be pleased. 

October 9: Baring My Soul by Kbois - chris191070
Reader comment: it's a very well written story that is guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues.

November 13: The Case of the Short, Short Prince by Geron Kees - W_L
Reader comment:  have yet to be displeased with a Geron Kees story.  Every one of his stories is worth reading.

December 11: Aunt May's Magic by Mancunian - spike382
Reader comment: Well, this certainly makes you want to check out this story, and the right time of the year to do so.

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