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Featured Story: Baring My Soul by Kbois



Well, in case you were wondering what to read among other things this month, make sure you check out this review done up by @chris191070. Check it out!!


Baring My Soul
by Kbois

Reviewer: chris191070
Status: Complete
Word Count: 14,893

Well where does one start a review on a story that is so well written, that deals with topics of an upsetting nature.

This is a story that will take many readers out of there comfort zone as it deals with abuse, suicide and mental illness.

The story itself deals with the highs and lows of marriage and raising a dysfunctional family, all whilst dealing with effects of mental illness and child abuse.

This is such a hard hitting story, that deals with difficcult situations that may have affected many of us.

All I can say is have a large box of tissues when you read this as it will have you in tears.

Category: Fiction  Genres:  General Fiction  Sub-genres: Drama  Tags:   serious, abuse, mental health  Rating:  Mature

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Recommended Comments

Highly recommend reading this story.  The tissues are a must.  Read the many great comments for insights into the story and the author.

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