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molybdenum - Word of the Day - Thu Jan 18, 2024




molybdenum - (noun) - a silvery metalic element, used in alloys



Molybdenum is often used in steel alloys and commonly found as parts of engines.


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The name derives from Ancient Greek molybdos, meaning lead since its ores were mistaken for the metal.

Molybdenum is also an essential dietary nutrient.

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This is a tidbit no one asked for and no one cares for:

Molybdenum Ore can be found in the game FINAL FANTASY XIV in The Lochs in Gyr Abania. 😬

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The 1973 comedy Western film The Brothers O'Toole takes place in the fictional Colorado mining town of Molybdenum, Colorado. The citizens of town mispronounce the name of the town as "Molly B'Damn" because all of their stock certificates in the failed mine are worth less than the paper they're printed on. The movie stars John Astin as Michael O'Toole a gambler and con man, and the outlaw "Desperate" Ambrose Littleberry; Pat Carroll as the spinster Callie Burdyne; and Lee Meriwether as Desperate's violent girlfriend. Michael O'Toole's younger brother is played by Wikipedia unknown Steve Carlson (see IMDb.com for information).

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1 hour ago, CassieQ said:

Cool word.  I just looked up how to pronounce it!  

You can cheat and call it molybee.

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