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Time to Travel!



Winter decided it wanted to dump our annual snowfall on us all at once this week, so it's a perfect time to think about being somewhere where the air doesn't hurt your face.  

Over It Snow GIF by The Weather Channel


PT Prompt #197

You decide to plan your next vacation by closing your eyes, spinning a globe, and going wherever your finger lands.  Where do you end up going on vacation? 


PT Prompt #198

Plan a vacation that's the polar opposite of your dream trip.  Don't like cruises?  Go on a cruise.  Hate the cold?  Go to Alaska.  Let us know what happens.  


Please include the prompt number either in your story/chapter description or title to help readers who would like to search for specific prompts. Also, please remember that stories less than one thousand words must be posted as part of a collection.

If you check the subgenre 'prompt' in your story tags, then people/readers can find everything here:


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  • Site Administrator
4 hours ago, Aditus said:

Someone has big plans.....

I may or may not be hopping the pond this year :whistle:  

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