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Vacation Time!



I just spent two wonderful weeks in the south of England, seeing everything from the Cerne Giant (Google it if you're not familiar... :gikkle: )  to Stonehenge at sunset.  I could write an entire story about all the sights and experiences from the trip, but at the moment, will have to settle with two prompts based of actual things I experienced during my adventures. 

PT Prompt #217

After travelling for over 24 hours with pretty much no sleep and lots of Dramamine (motion sickness med that makes you very drowsy), you arrive at the house you rented in a foreign country with your friends.  You all enjoy a delicious dinner, then decide to hike up the local Tor to see the sunset.  Despite very little physical prepping for the trip, you make it to the top and celebrate this achievement!  On the way back down, in the dark, you encounter a man on his way up the Tor.  You stop to let him by, and end up talking for over ten minutes.  At the end of the conversation, the man tells you he loves you and then you exchange a heartfelt hug.  What was the conversation about?  What happens next?

PT Prompt #218

You've rented out the majority of a house for your trip with your friends with the exception of one room.  During your stay, there are other guests who have booked that room.  The one time you decide to cook breakfast instead of having yogurt or cereal, you set off the fire alarm in the kitchen. What were you cooking?  How do the other guests react?  


Please include the prompt number either in your story/chapter description or title to help readers who would like to search for specific prompts. Also, please remember that stories less than one thousand words must be posted as part of a collection.

If you check the subgenre 'prompt' in your story tags, then people/readers can find everything here:

As an FYI per Aditus' request, I wanted to let everyone know that he is taking a short break from his GA duties to attend to family matters.  Cole Matthews and I will be alternating weeks to continue to bring you prompts every week.  Addy hopes to be back by late summer.  

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Val, I have a question about prompt #217.  What is 'the Tor'? 

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Good Luck, Addy.  I hope to see you back here soon!  :hug:

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2 hours ago, Bill W said:

So, you're a rock climber?  I'm pressed.  What more incredible skills do you possess? 

Nah, definitely not a rock climber!  Glastonbury Tor is more like a big hill.  Still a pretty steep climb with high winds at the top.  I honestly don't know how I made it to the top, but I'm pretty proud I did :)  

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