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Look, it's a blog post. Crazy.

Libby Drew



New rule: don’t start posting a new book in the fall right before the busiest season for retail. Just don’t. There will be tears. Mine, specifically. 

New rule #2: Listen to your heart when it tells you that a story you’ve written is best read in a single go. Or, at least, that it should be available in its entirety from day one for those to wish to absorb it that way. 

Keeper of the Rituals was never meant to be posted a chapter at a time. I think I mentioned that at the beginning? I can’t remember now. I’m old and that was months ago. I know many people enjoy serialized fiction, and in fact, some stories lend themselves to it. In retrospect, though, I don’t feel this was one of them. I should’ve just dumped the whole book as quickly as GA rules allowed. That’s the kind of story it is. I kind of hope those who have followed along these past several months may someday go back and read Keeper again in one giant bite, and then reflect on the differences between bingeing and snacking.

Three chapters left to post. I’m excited, not gonna lie.


Check out this little angel. Some asshole person threw her out of a car window. She landed on her face, had to have surgery to reattach her lip, and lost part of her tongue. She also lost her left back leg. 

We named her Daisy. 



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Aww poor kitty. :(  I hope karma hits those a-holes swiftly and hard :angry:  Glad to hear she has a great home now :hug:  

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