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April CSR Feature: The Big Empty by James Savik



I'm featuring one of my favorite genres this month because I'm on spring break right now (woot!) and it's all about indulging myself. Why don't you join me, even if you're not on break? This is a short hour's read, c'mon... live a little, if you dare! 

The Big Empty

by @JamesSavik

Length: 3,251

Description: Spacers, like sailors before them, pass vast distances to get between stars. Like sailors before them, they have their stories.

Spacers call it the Big Empty- or interstellar space, that vast emptiness between stars. There is nothing out there for light years in every direction... until you do find something.

A reader said: Wonderful short story with Lovcraftian overtones [in a good way]. ~Fae Briona

Don't forget to come back to share your comments on Monday, April 29th

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