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May CSR Feature: Deeds of Their Past by mcarss



I've been featuring short stories lately, I thought I'd give you all something to sink your teeth into. Read outside in the sunshine or inside away from the torrential rain (if it's anything like it is here in Washington right now!) but come back on Monday, May 27th to share your thoughts! 

Deeds of Their Past

by @mcarss

Length: 66,950

Description: Nathan—a man who lives life in shadow and solitude—finds himself hunted due to an old assignment. While awaiting his execution, he crosses paths with a towering brute, forming a powerful bond of friendship, loyalty, and love. Alone, they struggle to stay ahead of their fate, but together find the strength to escape the deeds of their past.

A Reader Said: You will like this story if you stick with it. There are some twists and turns and enough terrible situations that you cannot be certain of the conclusion and who will survive. Magic fouls things up and might contrubute to a solution if things work out. You will enjoy the fighting skills, bravery, ability to spring back, good and bad luck, friendship and evolving  love. Brohm and Nathan find out who they can depend upon. ~akascrubber

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I'm honoured and humbled to have my novel featured. Thanks so much, @Cia 💗

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