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June CSR Feature: Sneakin by penguinsrgay



So... why not throw another curveball at you? Plus I really chuckled at the username. This recently finished short story is by a newer author to GA but comes with a high recommendation in its only review... lets get some extra comments and reviews on the story this month! 


by @penguinsrgay

Length: 14,472

Description: A delinquent sneaks out of his home to go shoplifting. 

A Reader said: I opened this and started reading it 40 days ago when it posted. It’s taken me so long to finish it because every time I picked back up I had to start from the beginning again. Not because I’d forgotten the storyline…it’s not forgettable.

 The flow had captured me and I want to read it start-to-finish in one sitting. Such sophisticated storytelling. Following you @penguinsrgay so I won’t miss anything else you share.

Come back on the last Monday of the month, June 24th to check out the Discussion day and share your thoughts! 

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Not all penguins are gay :P  :gikkle:  I'll have to check the story out.  :) 

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Just when you think you have a handle on all the stuff in GA, you realise that there is a heck of a lot more!

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