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I won! I won! I won!


I have recently started hanging out on E-bay. It's a really cool place to pick up things at a bargain.


I got a copy of IBM's DB2 for the PC for $25. A new purchase would cost me hundreds. Computer books , science and text books- always WAY overpriced new can be got for a song on E-bay. I got my Object Oriented Programming in C++ for $10 (90$ at the bookstore). College book stores- what a racket!


What I'm really pleased about is the auction I won tonight. I found a Mitsubishi Integrated Amp (AV-3) for $30. That's the one I REALLY wanted when I settled for my Cheap-o Technics Amp a few years ago. OK more like a decade ago. :rolleyes:


I never, ever really understand business. Mitsubishi has always been a favorite of tekkie geeks. Great engineering, high quality control- they always make great stuff right? Then they just up and leave the consumer electronics business. They used to make practically everything- even if a product wasn't GREAT, it was pretty darned good. Now there are no more Mitsubishi TVs, computer monitors, stereos-- BOOOO! :angry: Now tekkies like me fight over the leftovers. Sad...


I wish that companies that made good products would stay in business. The ones that are good at marketing crappy products would dry up and blow away. I guess you need an MBA to figure it out because it makes no sense at all. SIGH.


Oh well- I've got a great Amp on the way! I can't wait to plug it in. What should I play on it first? Something old or something new? Tools new album or some old Doors or Rush... I love this sort of quandary.


Help me out: What should I play first on my new Amp?


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My personal choice for trying out a new piece of equipment always has been and always will be Iron Man--Black Sabbath. But thats just me.......



Later B)

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Journey - Open Arms! (Don't ask...) And I agree with you completely, I hate that companies gain market share through monopolistic practices or through shady dealings. Then again I'm an Apple fan so I really should keep my mouth shut ;)



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I'm kind of having trouble getting my mind around the fact that you don't know what is best to play for your amp's first trial run ... HELLO?!?!?!





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It just so happens I was up late last night watching 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' (I haven't decided if I lost or won Mom points, since I let my kids stay up to midnight on a school night to watch also) and I really wanted to crank the volume during Aerosmiths turn as the evil FVB. So my vote is the Beatles 'Come Together'. Its still looping around in my head.



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Umm...what's an amp? Like a guitar amp?

Yes, short for amplifier. All sound systems have amps, some built in, some separate.

The ideal is to have a 'flat' frequency response so that the system doesn't add 'colour' to what you hear.

If you took your favourite CD and listened to it on 10 different systems it would probably sound different on each of them and that's mainly because of the amp...


I'm getting in way too deep. ;)


My choice would be Beethoven's 5th then Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'


Camy B)

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Black Sabbath-- Iron Man

Rush-- YYZ

Aerosmith-- Walk this Way

Pink Floyd-- DSOTM


What's REALLY scary is I have all of them-- ripped on this computer. :lol:

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