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  1. Propellers are OK, They even match if you are rich enough to have spinner wheels. And stickers, It depends on the sticker....I proudly have one of the PISS ON FORD stickers in my back window, Just to make sure others know how I feel about Fords Stickers really only bother me if they are in the line of view or if there's so many it's like driving behind a billboard. HOWEVER, Sometimes on a car like that I have to look close, They get a grin if the reason for all the stickers is to hold the car together
  2. I agree Vic. I am a country boy, If I want to decorate my truck in any way it will either have a nice dent with a fun story of how it got to be there or it will be covered in mud with a fun story of how it got that way. The great stories happen when it gets covered in mud and dented at the same time
  3. Tesla has got to be right at the top with me. They actually started the 'Unplugged' movement, From which several other artist's capitalized on big time. Such as Clapton and Nirvana. Tesla did it first, When they came out with 5 Man Acoustical Jam. For that reason alone they will always be my hero's. At a time when the sound of the day was Nirvana being loud and obnoxious, These guys stripped it down the the bare essentials and rocked it more than anyone else at the time. And no, They are not a one-hit wonder band like some people seem to think, They have been making music for many years a
  4. Don't you just love the technologically impaired. My mother didn't realize that when you moved the mouse, It moved the pointer/cursor on the screen. Of course, She follows in her mother's footsteps---Grandma just got rid of the rotary telephone and got a push-button phone.(If you don't know what a rotary phone is, Look it up in the history books) I feel you pain, And just want you to know not to smack yourself too hard, Some people just need little words, And not very many strung together at once.
  5. Happy Birthday Bao!!

  6. I don't like to be touched.
  7. As long as I am the only one who has touched the towel, Clean. If anyone else has touched it at all, Dirty.
  8. Well, Here's to hoping you find someone to toss your salad
  9. you may be looking at this all wrong. think of the practical jokes you can play with ketchup. bloody corpse next to the truck. bloody corpse in the middle of the road. ketchup makes awesome fake blood. they would get you out of there really fast if you play their games by their rules...make it unpleasant for them to have you stay there, see if it motivates them to get you on your way faster
  10. understand's that each day is a gift and not a given right.

    1. LJH


      hmmm, open the wrapping with gentle fingers...

  11. He would be crazy for not smacking people upside the head.....
  12. Are you the truck that cut me off last night?
  13. I have an older brother. And I firmly believe actions speak louder than words. Her words may say one thing, But the underlying action for those words is jealousy. From one younger brother to another, GOOD JOB and keep it up!!!!!
  14. The Onion is pure sarcasm. You have to have a sarcastic sense of humor or The Onion is not for you.
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