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Yearbook lady...



First off...I'm back! :P lol, I didn't actually go anywhere, just havent really had time to come on.


Okay...so I'm in the yearbook club. The lady that directs us is this older lady that is the wife of one of my 6th grade teachers. Well.....like last fall, she assigned me to do a story for freshman and sophomore football :huh: . I've never been all that into sports and I didn't really know what to write about and I also kind of forgot to do it anyway. You ever forget? It happened to me. Also, this was my first year on the staff and I didn't know how to do some of the things, and when I would ask her how to do this or that, she would kind of snap at me and seem to get mad for me not knowing what to do; consequently, I was hesitant to ask her if I had a question.


Soooo, a couple weeks ago, we were assigning/volunteering for deadlines. "Who wants to do the story on Annie?" "Ooo, me, me!" You know how much I loved doing that, I thought I could reminesce while doing it :P . She's like,


"Now Ron, if you say you're going to do it, are you actually going to do it? Because in the past, you've volunteered to do things and then not did them and I was stuck doing it myself."


RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE :( . I felt like telling her to go you-know-what herself. First of all, I didn't VOLUNTEER, she assigned it to me...it's not like I said, "Oh I whole-heartedly promise that I will do this one." People are more likely to get something done if they enjoy doing it. Second, that was like the only time; she shouldn't base it on a single event. Third, she could have kinda shown me the ropes or maybe guidelines on how to write a story for a yearbook, considering it's my first time and all.


So she's like, "we'll come back to that." Then later we got to Vocal Music....well as it turns out, I'm the only person on the staff in choir, so she told me that I could do that one, and that 'Sabrina' and I could do Annie. Well I know she knew it and so did I, that Sabrina is kinda bossy so I was pretty much guarenteed to not be a part of it <_< . So yesterday, I was typing in my story for Choir (see that Mrs. B? I DID what I said I would do) and the yearbook teacher was typing on the computer next to me when I notice SHE was typing the Annie story. Here 'Sabrina' didn't get it typed like "SHE SAID SHE WOULD DO". That really pissed me off because I would have loved to do that one, and I told her that too and she didnt really say anything.


So today at our actual meeting, I get there and she had had plaques made for all of us with our names engraved on them and everything. Now that really made me feel good :) . I finished up organizing a couple double-pagers to be sent, and everyone was looking through the various extra photos we had when she had to ruin it. I happen to ask her if we knew the people in the photo, if we could take it and give it to them. "Now Ron, if you take the photos, will they actually get to the person? Because you've told me you'll do things and then not do it." :angry: GOD! Everyone makes mistakes! She fricken acts like I'm the most irresponsible person in the whole world. If I was, would I get almost a 4.0 on my report card? Would all my teachers tell my mom such great things about me at confrences? Next time she says something to me about it, and especially in front of everyone else, I'm gonna blow and tell her that I'm not so freaking irresponsible, and that it was one freaking time. And whether Sabrina is there or not I'm gonna say, "And you know what? If you would have let me do the Annie story to begin with, you wouldnt have had to spend till 4:30 here typing it yourself. Because with the few exeptions that YOU keep bringing up, I am a very responsible kid."


Had to get that out, she just pisses me off. Oh, and I'll tell her they're called Tic Tac's ;) .




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Heya Ronnie :P


Finally you get back to blogging :P And that lady is a real you-know-what, if ya ever need someone to bitch someone else out... I am great at that ;) lol


-Nate :P

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Hey Ronnie!


I'm sorry to hear that the Yearbook Lady isn't being fair to you :( . Try not to let her get you down though, it's her loss if she fails to utilize your talents. It definitely sucks that "Sabrina" took over the Annie assignment though :( . Hmmm just out of curiosity did you decide to call her "Sabrina" because she's a teenage witch? :P:boy:


Anyway take care and I hope the rest of your school year is awesome!



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Hmmm just out of curiosity did you decide to call her "Sabrina" because she's a teenage witch? :P:boy:

Nope, her name actually is Sabrina, I was just in that kind of pissy mood that makes ya wanna use quotations a lot, lol.

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