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more about my crazy mother



We went to our lake house over the weekend because it was memorial day weekend and we always do. Well, my lovely mother forgot to clean out the freezer the last time we were there (which was in September) so there was an appetizing mixture of decaying hamburger meat and Italian sausage in the freezer. Mmmmm delicious. The smell would NOT go away, no matter what we did. And as much as I love an Italian's sausage :P this was gross.


Speaking of an Italian's Sausage (I swear this is related, it just takes a while for me to explain why), it is approaching time for Boy Scout camp this year, but I am not going. This should be a good thing, but Boy Scout camp is where all of the babes hang out. Like there was this one last year who was exactly how I imagined Jude from "The Ordinary Us".....mmmm delicious. But grrrrr now it's bugging me because I can't remember his name :( .....I'm leaning towards Luke...but I don't think that's it.


The sad part is that all of the babes at Boy Scout camp are straight. Except this one (this is where Italian sausage comes in) named Jordyn. He had curly brown hair, my favorite :D , but he is 6 years older than I am and last I knew was going to college at Penn State :( . Why am I still talking? This is the most boring blog entry ever.


Now I have to bitch about at least one personal problem per blog entry, so here it is....I can't rhyme :wacko: . At least, tonight I can't. I have been trying and trying to write a song and it is NOT working.


Ewwww I'm watching CMT's 20 sexiest women and it showed a commercial with a REALLY gross guy on it...ewwwww.


But back to rhyming. Dr. Lib says that anger is not a catalyst of rhymes, so I'm gonna try again tomorrow. Peace out.


-psychic psychopath


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Hi SB-


Last fall when Katrina waxed Mississippi, the power was out in most places fron 1-4 weeks. We didn't know when it was going to come back on so we had "freezer feasts" where we BBQed everything in the freezers that thawed out before it went bad.


In some of the worst hit areas, stuff in freezers went bad and cooked for a while in the late summer sun. It's bad enough to get your city wacked by a hurricane but the bad, funky cloud of decomposing pot-roasts is adding insult to injury. :blink::thumbdown:


Glad to see you. :boy:




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