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disobeying my mother



As much as I love the woman, my mother is crazy. When she found out that I had been coming to this site, she directly forbade it. Oh well. That was like three months ago, and I have stayed away as long as I can without exploding. And as I am sure that no one wants slaveboy guts all over them, we had better avoid any exploding.


So hello to everyone! I see that things have changed a lot here at GA. What all have I missed? So far I have met many new people, most importantly Patrick :worship: . I haven't read any of Dom's stories in what seems like forever, and I have a LOT of catching up to do on Grey-Eyed Justice. Dio, you're still my hero.


I have been suffering from the worst writer's block ever known to mankind. While usually I write all of the time, lately I have written nothing. Well, I wrote a poem last week, but that hardly counts. Not even a song has popped out in what seems like forever.


Any recomendations (I am pretty sure I didn't spell that right) on new stories for me to read? I need something good, because Of Mice and Men is becoming dreadfully boring.


Well, that's pretty much all. G'night.


-psychic psychopath


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Remember that you can get an extension for firefox that will automatically delete the cache and cookies when you turn it exit 0:) .




:king: Snow Dog

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor since he was one :lol:

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There's also a portable fire-fox. You can install it on a USB-Stick and run it from there. That way you can even save your bookmarks. :D Only problem is that this thing is slow. :(



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Welcome back, Slaveboy (even though we've never met lol) :P


You can always read my story {shameless self-plug}, "Someday Out Of the Blue" ... a few people kinda like it, I guess ...




And you definitely need to catch up on Dom's stories ... his new one, "With Trust," is very good.




Welcome Back Slaveboy. Enjoy talking to u.


Agree's with Buddha. Read with trust. Can't believe im not important :P

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As a supplement to reading Of Mice and Men, you should watch related Looney Tunes cartoons.


Hugo, the Abominable Snowman, wants to adopt Daffy Duck as a pet. He keeps hugging Daffy and saying, "I'm gonna hug him and pet him and call him George!" He's obviously modeled on Lennie.


Then there are the two sheepdogs named George and Lennie.


And I seem to recall some character that calls everybody George, including Bugs. Maybe that's a sheepdog, too. I can't remember. I think that recurred in several cartoons. Maybe when I get more senile, I'll remember things from my childhood in more detail and can sort this out.

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Yay! I am glad you came back and I got to meet you ha ha

I read Of Mice and Men, and it was the most twisted thing I've read in a long time. Poor doggie =( Especially the one that was shot I felt soo bad for it . :sighs:

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Welcome Back!!!! You need to read with trust!! Its a must AhHhh :D im such a domaholic .. Someday out of the blue is a must too and behind those eyes by viv ! :D

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GA wasn't the same without you dude!! *sniffle* 0:) I hope you're around more often :P


You know I'm rootin' for yahs!

-db- :devil:

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Try making a passworded profile on the computer, eh? Tick the box that says your files are private and then no one can access them from the directory tree either.


How about opening your profile to comments. I'll bet you meet a whole lot more people that way.



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