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Update on my favorite nut case..April 3 Blog Entry



Bush Stole One Hour of My Sleep, Life


As I sat in my boss


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Pretty cool. Where did you find this? I particularly like the line about steering hurricanes.



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Guest Kitty


If so, then why not move the clocks ahead twelve hours so Americans could enjoy 24 full hours of daytime?

Hey, wait a minute. I'm a night person. I think we should move the clocks back 12 hours, so we'd have 24 hours of nighttime.



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You are right you know. The president always gets way too much credit or blame.


The truth about the government is that it is composed of zillions of bureaucrats with just as many agendas and it's a frickin miracle that anything gets done.


The Iraq war protesters like to claim that Bush killed all those people in Iraq.


I happen to know that Chaney is the maniac shooter in this administration. :P

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This is hilarious!!! Thanks, Nick!


Personally, I favor the Arizona approach: No fiddling with the clocks, thanks to no DST!

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