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ooooh, it's happening



Ok, so I finally resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to submit the story, My Jump Off, to Nifty. Well, I felt really bad about it the first day and into the the next day. But then, something funny happened........the first thing I noticed was that I had 200 hits on my page that werent there before. The second thing that happened was that I noticed I had moved back into spot 26 on the Top Site List here at GA. The third thing that happened was that I noticed my inbox was full. Then I noticed that I had moved passed everyone in The Ten's at Efiction and was ranked #1 in a certain spot(I dont like to brag so I wont say what it is), then I noticed that I moved into #2 on the most reviewed stories list in the same ranking. :) On top of that, I just saw this morning that I moved up another spot to #25 on the top site. Oh, yeah, my inbox was full of feedback too. I just got done sending in chapter 3 to Nifty, and I'm also working on chapter 7 as we speak :)

So what does all of this mean??? I'm not sure yet, but I think it means I got some good advice about Nifty. I dont think Im going to send in What's the Difference Between Me and You?? though, because I dont think it's the kind of story you read at Nifty. But it's cool to know that people liked my stuff :)


BTW, school's out now so Im gonna be working more. My boss said she can let me work up to 32 hours a week if I want it. I might since we're going on vacation and I want to have extra money of my own to blow. But I promise to also pick up the pace on my writing between now and September:)


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Congratulations Nick :2thumbs: , like I said you truely are gifted. Can't wait for the next chapter of My Jump Off. 'Till then I have to keep myself busy.



Anthony B)

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Guest Kitty


Why, I believe it was the recipient of the Nickolas James Hosted Author of the Month Excellence Award for May. :boy:

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