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a bit of a nosy b**ch



What's that all about? :lmao: Davey sent me this video of this really funny comedian, Peter Kay, and those are a couple of the lines I really loved, the dude was pretty funny!


So I officially must have sucker tattooed across my forehead :wacko: I was supposed to be off work yesterday but instead, they asked me to work for another girl who went out on disability, along with a second girl who lost a family member and will be off for several days dealing with all that, and so... I said I would... it's a holiday weekend after all, but that means my last day off was last Thursday and I don't have another one until next Friday. On top of all that, Rich got mad that I said I would work since it was the first day we would have had to spend together since I started with this whole working nights bulls**t, which confused me since he is always saying how I need to work more :thumbdown: and the best part is... I have to close the store on the 4th so I don't get to see any fireworks, I don't get to see my kids see them, I get to deal with all the grumpy people who are running way late or are out of beer instead. Y'all have some fun for me okay?


Rich's friend Joe is visiting again for a week, the one from the army, which is cool, so long as my house doesn't turn into the disaster it was last time he and Tony were both home at the same time... cause if it does... well let's just say that I'll be the girl that's out of work for a few days planning a funeral!


I started my summer anthology entry... FINALLY :rolleyes: but I don't know if I'm happy with it. I guess I won't give up on it yet.


Rich's car is broken... AGAIN... terminally now. I have mixed emotions about that. On the one hand I hate that car like you have no idea... well maybe Davey does :P and I can't drive it, and it has no A/C and nothing power and the seatbelts don't even move with you... ugh! On the down side... Rich loves it :wub: and that means we have to get another car which means a car payment, etc. and he thinks he wants to try and fix it himself which undoubtedly means buying tools and him turning my backyward and garage into some lame form of Pimp My Ride :blink: The upside... if he is planning on fixing it... the new car we get will be mine 0:)


I know it's been a while since I blogged, and to tell you the truth, i was just kinda moping and pouting for like a whole week and I didn't feel like pretending to be cheery so I just kept my mouth shut. :/ I know that's totally dumb, oh well. I'm going to blame the hormones this time... comes with the territory I guess... but I hate that it can affect me so strongly. It normally doesn't happen to me like that, so I'm happy about that, but for a control freak like me it's REALLY trying not to be able to control your feelings, and even when I knew why I was feeling the way I was... it just made me feel more lame cause pouting for that reason is pretty pitiful if you ask me and that made me feel even worse... start vicous cycle here. :ph34r:


Anyway, I think I'm over it now and I sort of talked it out with a few friends so it's all good. Thanks guys! :wub:


Joey!! We miss you! Come home soon... so we can start the festivities 0:)


Foxy, I want to hear ALL about it! ;) I hope it went well!!


Matty has a new story up, and it's so good! Read it :Phttp://www.geocities.com/matpazcas/stories.htm


Let's see... I talked to Kevin twice... and that guy NEEDS a nickname dammit! I talked to Davey once... naked 0:) and Joey, from his sleeping bag ;) Bette's gone back home now... but I'm glad she came for a visit :D Wishing Tobi good luck on his exams! :hug:


So this guy I know and kinda respect alot sort of managed to talk me into reading the one story by Comicality I haven't read yet, Gone From Daylight, and I have read about 500 pages in 3 days! I am LOVING it! Seriously. I mean I was staying away cause I thought it would be scary or gross or something since it's about vampires, but OMFG!!! I am so hooked it's not even funny! I can't wait to see what happens! Anyway, thanks angel for the story recommendation/arm twisting, and for listening to me be pitiful and lame. :wub:


Gonna go read some more now I think...

Hugs, Viv


PS. Get well Sweetie! :wub:


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Aahh Viv,



Sorry to hear you mis all the fun parts of this day.


But look on the bright side, you don't get to see the mess the guys made today and hope they cleaned everything up before you get home. He is in the army after all, he should know to clean up behind him.


If it doesn't work, contact his staff sergeant and ask advice on how to get him in line :funny:


What saddens me also is you feeling down last week. Somehow now I regret not having had enough time to talk to you that time :( .


But I'm glad you're feeling better and more positive at the moment.


Take care :wub: and :hug:



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I wouldn't say your a sucker, thats nice of you to help out in a pinch like that, you'll just be REALLY ready for a day off by Friday.


So is Rich getting in touch with his femine side? He told you to work as much as you can, then got mad because you told them you would. HUMMMM. :wacko:


Good luck with your anthology story, everything you have written I think is great, so don't be so hard on yourself. :D


I hope it gets better, and they didn't trash the house.. :hug:



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Hi Viv!


Sorry to hear you're stuck working today. Hopefully it goes/went as well as it can/could.


I just finished reading Gone From Daylight over the past week. I really liked it too. It's tough waiting for more.






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Ok I admit it, I haven't read Gone from Daylight and nor do I plan too. At least until perhaps it is finished. I've nearly cracked just waiting for you next chapter Vivian... How do you expect me to want to read something else not finished?!?


Remember what I was like with DD and TOU?


Personally I don't know if I should start hating your boss or not. :blink: Let me know ok... I can always send him a wonderful surprize. :lol:


Oh and I have an idea. Since you didn't get to see the Fireworks display click here


Hope that helps :wub:


Until next time.



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