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HP - a cyanic rant



I've got a printer. It's an SRA3 four colour HP inkjet, and the replacement cartridges - you need 4 - are hellish expensive. So when the local cheapo German supermarket - they might be sixty years late but they're finally beginning to win - start selling 'do it yourself' refill packs I thought 'Ah Ha!'


Bad move. HP printers have a chip that denies you this privilege. So I hunt on Google for a way around it. No problem ... thin strip of plastic to kill the printer's battery also renders the chip kaput ... except you have to have the hands of a teency weency baby to get near the battery. Finally with the aid of a ruler, duct tape and a pair of tweezers I manage it.


So ... I have the requisite inks, an instruction book in German and Slovakian, a thick pin with a plastic handle and I'm facing four ink containers. Naturally, I'm not that stupid, the instruction manual mentions HP but oddly doesn't have a picture of my specific model, or of it's cartridges ... perhaps I am that stupid.


After coffee I get the electric drill out. Gotta be they way you'd think ... but alas no. HP are far too clever for that. Crafty old HP.


Inside the outer casing is an inner lining made of material that could withstand bullets and probably nuclear weapons ... but I don't know this at the time I squirt a whole bottle of cyan (light blue) ink into the newly drilled hole. The ink, as liquids do, went straight down between the casing and the lining and out of the bottom; pouring onto the desk, the carpet, the telephone and all over my hands - I'd really like to add the cats are blue, but they're sensible and had fled at my first shriek.


Miffed, but not cowed - onto Magenta.


Camy B)


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aww Camy!! LOL that does sound like quite a messy ordeal! I hope you can get the rest taken care of without any more unexpected occurances!


Good luck,


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Magenta will give you a really pretty purple color when it mixes with the cyan on your hands. I had an HP printer. Similar experience. One of the happiest days of my life was when the printer died. Which, coincidentally, was shortly after the ink in my freshly refilled cartridges leaked all over its insides. Who would have thought that a printer would be offended by ink?


*clasps a still somewhat magenta hand on your shoulder* Good luck to you. Be strong.

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Yes, they are indeed a pain. I won't buy HP anymore for that reason. I went the refill route on a different brand, and had good luck, except that I found out that the six colors of ink I used would NOT come out of my skin. For a couple of days I had hands that were all the colors of the rainbow. I wouldn't have mined so much, except I was being introduced to the dang governor (and would have to shake hands) the following day!!!! Much bleach and painful scrubbing made me a bit more presentable, but it took a week for the colors to fully go away. ARGH!


So, I share your pain. Good luck on the refill.


BTW, make sure the ink isn't running out of the cartridges before you put them back, or you can really make a mess of the printer.

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Oh, you are much more adventerous than I am. I just pay the price and get the new one's. All though, for my printer, they have started coming out with generic brands. Much cheaper with the same quality. Power tools, hmmm, a man who is willing to use power tools - I may have to make a trip to England real soon!! LOL!!!! :great::lmao::wub:



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