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It's a small one



Well, now that I have everyone's attention... or at least the pervs' attentions, I should say that this isn't a pervy blog :P But it's going to be short and consist of me bitching :)


So work was hell today. We were short people for a normal night, and tonight we got slammed with customers for some reason. Add that to the fact that there was a meeting with the top 10 GMs from around the country there and they witnessed our shortage of people. It wasn't fun. Especially because I had to work late. Working late with Tim is even worse. He's close minded, stupid, and slow as hell.


I've been swamped with a lot of stuff lately, but I've got a few people helping me out when they can (thanks Jeff and Rob!) so it lessens my load a bit.


School starts next week sometime. I'm not sure when yet, but I don't really care. I have four more months and then I'm done. And oh god am I looking forward to that day when I get to walk out and never go back.


But, I said I would keep this short so I'm done :)


Except to say that I think Michael is screwing around with another guy... so that kinda puts me in a downer mood. Not that we really had a 'thing' going on and we weren't official, but it still sucks. I don't know for sure, and it may just be a rumor. I hope it is because I really don't see him being the kind of guy that does that, but you never know.



(Whos going to keep adding these little lines at the end because he thinks it's fun :D )


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I am not asian, but I wll help Lawrence. I'm good with firearms!

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