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Hey Dom


I think it's because people who tend to work in the food industry are (generally):




3)jaded and disillusioned from all the truly rude, obnoxious customers

4)frickin tired because they tend to be in school or working two such low-paying jobs


But yeah that definitely sucks and they SHOULD do better.


That sucks about your computer and email problems :thumbdown: I'm sorry :(


I hope everything works out! Good luck :)



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Grocery store worker here... and Kevin is right, btw... like almost every job.


Okay so the expiration date deal...


That tag they print and stick on your package says sell by, I bet, not use by or expires on, or do not use after... and the reason for that is... that is the only day they are allowed to sell it to you, the same day they sliced it for you. Certain products get a certain amoint of days, like muffins in your bakery might be allowed to be sold for 5 days and chicken breast from the meat department for 2 days or ground beef for 1 day.


Now, I don't know where you shop, and I'm not gonna try and say that it's a bad place or anything, cause I haven't been there, but... I will say that I always do my best to make sure every customer I help leaves with what they came in for and feeling like they want to come again, while doing 4 other people's jobs, plus my own, and babysitting the bag boys, and keeping a smile on my own face. You could try asking next time what something means if you don't understand it... then again, I suppose you did that in a round about way here, and now you know.


Hugs, Viv

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Ok Grocery Store Manager here.......


We're not all bad :P


hugs to Dom for his crappy shopping experiences



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