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Elder care... cuz those old folks can be mean



No, I haven't fallen off the earth.


My Mom had surgery this morning. Nothing too serious but right now she is KOed for the next week.


My Dad has advanced Parkingstons and has lost the use of his right hand so he needs a lot of help.


At the moment, I'm carrying the ball for their household. Thinking back about some of the crap we've been through, I'm surprised that it worked out this way.


For years we hated each other and called each other names, I never hit them but I got punched, they ignored me for years. Now Here we are.


I have to ask myself why and the answer is that it's just the right thing to do.


Why does it seem like it is easier to hold a grudge than it is to forgive and forget? It burns up a lot of energy carrying around that useless dead weight.


Having dumped a lot of those old resentments, I know I'm stronger, more powerful person.


Truth is so strange sometimes. Surrender to win? Forgiveness really is easier?


The war is over. We can all go home if we can find the peace within; and understand that our rage is a waste of energy.



I'll be busy but I'll try to get out another installment of SOS.







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Hey James

What a wonderful lesson of life! and thank you to share it with us.


In another topic, Reaper mentioned "my infinite words-o-wisdom :lol: " as a joke. But yours is born from experience. I hope only your parents understand now what a loving son they have.

Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth.

Old bob

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A couple of years ago I faced a similar situation with my grandparents. Both of my mother's parents were facing stage two and three Alzheimers. With my mother dead, I stepped up to the plate and cared for them as long as I could. It wasn't easy, in fact it was damn rough, and time after time I had to remind myself that it was the right thing to do.


Indeed, it was the right thing to do, and I will forever know in my heart that I did my best. No matter the problems, no matter the history, when we do the right thing, we will at the very least be able to know that when the time came, we did our best.


Keep the faith.

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