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saving grace...



So, as I have been chatting around and posting comments in forums and on blogs, I have made some great new friends, and I have been called 'Grace' (referring to the show Will and Grace) by Michael - so sweet of him- and I have a couple of new little brothers. All around I would say a pretty good way to spend a Saturday night. :hug: I am usually the one that people turn to for advice or for a shoulder to cry on. Maybe it is because I am a good listener, maybe it is because I have been through a lot of crap already in my 28 years, maybe it is because I am good, really good actually, at reading people, or maybe it is because I care too much -in the sense that I actually feel your pain- and you know the old saying -"misery loves company". Anyway, I really am... proud I guess, that I can be that to so many people and I love doing it, being there for someone when they need someone to talk to, it is a great feeling knowing that someone respects you enough to share a part of themselves or ask for advice. :wub: So, in case anyone was really worried, it is safe to say that the looming b**chiness has finally passed.., whew. It was rough. :devil: Oh, and on a side note, totally off topic... :off: I tell my boss at work today at work about a small problem that needs to be taken care of, and I expect him to handle it, delegate it out to the correct person to fix it, and instead he tells me to take care of it. So, I sarcastically say something about letting me drop everything and work on this problem for him, and he says sarcastically back to me, "Be a part of the solution, not the problem"... hmph. I hate all that double talk bulls**t!! Just freakin' take care of it man... really. :thumbdown: Well, off to bed now since I have been up at 1:30 am for work the last three days in a row. YAWN :sleep: Night All,Vivian


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Dearest Grace, um, I mean Vivian,


You really are our Grace...so we Gay men say thank you:)


You have me blushing.....sweet of you to mention me....


um, now Grace..you do need sleep..not good to be falling asleep at your desk....and especially since you are the problem solver...you need to be alert, trying not to trip the boss (be a part of the solution and not the problem...WTF does that mean...you identified the problem..now if you have to fix it..why don't you have his job since he had you do it and didn't solve it like you asked him to? and what incentive now do you have to identify other problems if you are the one to solve the problem...geez, not a smart boss...the Peter principle at work? the level of incompetence rises with the level of the job or something like that)


Glad to see no more PMS....I turn into a mess when sick..I can't imagine what you women have to go through monthly.......yikes...ok...go ahead and PMS..it doesn't sound like fun....ouch.


in any event, dearest Grace of our Group....get some rest and sleep....time for sleep here..


and don't work too hard...you need your rest to do your boss's job...and come pay day, take his pay for doing his job..and give him his paycheck..one with all zeros on it....


Just a thought:) oh well, Gracey...good night Grace/Viv:)




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Tell your Boss to take some man managment courses from me! If not I could always come over and kick his ass for you :D

As for the Grace thing, not too sure of that but you make a great big sis to Chris & I :wub:

Thank you for listening to me whine on about my problems and for your super sweet advice


Love ya sis


Dave :D

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