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Grounded....... :(



Well, I haven't been online all week(at least not on AOL) because my dad blew his stack about me being up so late doing my homework and chatting on AOL. So he told me on the way to school on monday that I couldnt get online and chat on school nights until I get my homework under control :(So I've been doing my homework and without having to stop and chat or recieve a file or look at a pic or watch a vid, I actually get done by about 9 or 10. Thats way better than 1 in the morning...lol. But I've missed chatting with all of my freinds and stuff...Well, until last night. As soon as I signed on to AOL, I got about 15 IM's. One of my freinds IM's me, then we start chatting, then the next thing I know, he's ignoring me and he puts his away message on....grrr :angry::angry::angry: Well, I lost my temper and blocked him. I feel kinda bad now, but I just think it's so rude to do that.Anyway, it's a nice day and I think were all going shopping so I can spend some of my dads hard earned money on some new clothes :2thumbs::2thumbs: I want to get a new cd while were out, but Im not sure what I want. Im thinking about checking out the new Mobb Deep CD. They're pretty good. Well, I just wanted to update here...I know it's been a while. Also, to anyone who reads my story, chapter 23 is posted.KissesNickolas


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Great blog, Nickolas. :D


Ok, why do I feel this need to hand out advice at every opportunity? I'll have to take that up with my shrink. :blink:


I'm glad you have a dad who looks out for you. Somehow, though, when dads do their thing, it never seems to be a positive experience...at least not for the first 15 or 20 years. :P


When I was younger (note that I never say "when I was young" :D ), I played football. In fact I played right through university. I have my dad to thank for that. For a long time I hated it, especially when football got serious. Football was fun at the pee-wee and bantam level. It got really serious after that. I wanted to quit, but my dad didn't let me. I feel very grateful that he did that for me. I learned a great deal.


So let's hear it for dads who care, when it would be so much easier not to. That's their job, actually their duty, when it comes to their sons. They prepare you to be a man in this world and that ain't easy.



Conner :boy:

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Judging from your posts, you're pretty smart for 14.


It souldn't take you too long to beat down the homework beast.


When I was your age, I hated this time of year because I had a summer hangover. I'd get used to all that time and freedom and there were much more interesting things to do than school.


It wears off after a while but it's a real pain for a few weeks.


Just think happy thoughts of long weekends, thanksgiving and Christmas Break.


Oh- and try and fit in some fun along the way.



All my best,




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